Matricaria recutita – German Chamomile

also Anthemis (Chamaemelum)  nobilis – Roman Chamomile – Ita: Camomilla; Sv: Kamomill; Fr: Camomille; Sp: Manzanilla
Family: Asteraceae








Habitat: Europe, North Africa, America, West Asia. Chamomile is an annual, aromatic fragrant herb that can grow up to 40 cm high. Chamomile flowers from June to October. Grows on fields, sand and gravel soils, roadsides. Easy to grow in dry, sandy garden soil.  Frost-hardy. Propagated from seed in spring; easiest if the tiny seeds are mixed with sand. Easiest germinate if sown in damp weather and watered properly in the beginning. Self propagates easily. Chamomile flowers can be harvested at any time,  but the scent is strongest when the flowers are completely out, just after a few berries ripened. You can recognize Chamomile flower as it is hollow in cross section.

Parts used: Flowers. Essential oil

Constituents: Alpha-bisabolol, Choline, azulene, Chamazulene, Bisabolene, essential oils,  flavonoids, tannins, salicylic acid, niacin, vitamin C, calcium etc.

Bitter, anti-inflammatory, anti-histaminic, soothing, emollient, digestive, relaxing, calming.


Matricaria in latin from Matrix meaning uterus. The flower base is hollow and has been likened to a womb . Chamomile has been an important woman s herb as antispasmodic and soothing for menstrual disorders and childbirth.  The benefit on cramps and spasms may be due to the easily assimilable form of calcium found in Chamomile. Chamaemelum from Greek khamaimêlon ground apple referring to the herb scent. Chamomile is also the baby remedy, it is used to alleviate teething pain and irritation, skin rashes and eczema, digestive problems and relax.

Energy Quality Aspects:
According to the elements doctrine it is a cool plant, neutral in terms of moisture.
In astrology it is ruled by the moon and hence Cancer, the element of water, leading quality.
Chinese elements: Wood.













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