Children Workshop

Nature and children have a special connection;
Children simply and naturally
resonate with nature…if we just let them….
” Xi




Workshops out in Nature
Discover the secrets of nature! We head out to explore the plant world. We go on a treasure hunt for magical plants and the mysterious beetles, discovering the diversity of species.  We examine and research the vast possibilities in and with nature. How nature can be our medicine, our food, our tools, our shelter…How nature takes care of us, and how we can take of nature.
We play, do herbal crafts and have fun.

Journey into our Senses Workshop
The Natural scent of flowers and leaves, the texture of leaves and barks…. A delicate and mysterious journey into our senses. We choose our scent, we mix it into an oil and we make our tribe special perfume…we connect to nature with playful rituals.

The Garden Workshop

Digging and planting we ll make our own arty and fun food&herbal garden. We ll free our creative energy deciding shapes and forms of our garden… we ll choose what to grow and we ll learn how to prepare the soil, to plant the seeds, take care of the plants and harvest the fruits…observing how amazing it is that from the small tiny seeds we can actually develop our fantasy dream garden into a true living garden full of life!

The workshops are organized in a simple, hands on way, custom made to suit age group, needs, environment and time at disposal.
Please contact us for further info.

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