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Plants Essences – Aromatherapy and essential oils

Green recipes – recipes for herbal remedies and flowery meals

Spring cleanse – purifying plants and how to use them

Autumn&winter – plants that supports the immune system, that prevents and treat flues, coughs

The Plants the Moon and the Woman – plants that accompany the seasons of women, period, childbirth, menopause etc.

Green Mother & Baby Care – how to care for your baby and yourself in a natural way, in pregnancy, birth and after birth.

Plants and Children – remedies and recipes for children

Tropical Green Pharmacy – a field guide on what remedies to use to treat and alleviate illnesses in the tropics.


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Brownie with walnuts and raw chocolate
Orthosiphon stamineus - Cat's Wiskers
Orthosiphon stamineus – Cat’s Whiskers
Peach flores
Essence Reading
Banana flower
Musa spp