Synergic Gardning

             “Planting and Growing in synergy with Nature…


The synergistic gardening is a natural agricultural method based on the dynamic of synergistic law. It has further been developed by Emilia Hazelip, inspired by the Fukuoka methods.  It is a permanent-culture method that works in synergy with nature. The planting is made mixing plants that can protect and support each others growth and health, according to the needs of the plants, by size, mineral and light needs etc.

It is mainly based on four principals:

No cultivation
No chemical fertilizer
No chemical treatments
No compaction of the soil

How to prepare the soil and the earth beds
-The soil is prepared into earth beds, about 1m wide x 10-50cm high; 50cm for the path. The earth beds can be made into any shape you like.
-You can mix in cow or chicken manure in the soil of the beds.
-Cover the earth beds with pachamatura and then with mulch. You can use mulch such as:
grass cuts, hay straw, rice cuts, sheep wool, card board, bark cuts, news paper, shredded branches, etc.

Companion planting
Calendula protects tomato from the white fly; The garlic planted in the beds of the tomatoes will protect them from fungal infections. The tagetes will protect the eggplants etc.

Meletao by Xilef Welner

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