Birth/Health – non-profit org, free healthcare, active birth clinic, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and more. Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. – active pre-birth-postnatal  care, home birth, prenatal classes, courses, natural healthcare and more. Rome, Italy – music in pregnancy. Milan, Italy– Dr Gabor Matè. Va, Canada – Doctor and writer of many interesting natural health books, Seattle, USA

Art/Design – Jacopo Mandich great sculptor, uses recycled material for his artworks. Italy – Jamie Owen, garden artist/sculptor, Bali – great photographer and actress, Rome – eco art and interior design, glass chimes, mosaic, music and more. Calcata, Italy – eco -architecture, simple is beautiful. Interiors, furniture- children space. Italy

Eco places/resorts/agriturism – beautiful Umbrian country side setting, marvelous hosts and people, magic atmospheres, courses and events…La Pila di Bettona, Italy – nice eco-friendly B&B in Termini area. Rome, Italy – to find eco friendly accommodations traveling the world  – Beautiful organic agri-tourism with Etna and sea view. They organize many eco activities, and they have an organic market every month in Viagrande, Sicily. Italy Tri Hita Karana  “the three causes of goodness”. Tri Hita Karana is the origin of the Balinese belief system. It is centered on maintaining a harmonious relationship with God, people, and nature. This place founded by Made Chakra is a permaculture place and more.. Ubud, Bali Is a little eco hostel and more, where to share big and small natural experiences…. Canggu, Bali

Organizations/environmental info – Vandava Shiva movement – India – Vandava Shiva movement in Italy – Scientific research info on herbs – permaculture landscape designer Steffen Lai is an online magazine taking an alternative angle on environmental and social issues in Indonesia – small farmers right to produce healthy and genuine food direct to the consumer in Italy – Maccarese, Italy

Schools – Green eco-friendly School from kinder garden to Diploma, Bali – online doula training designed by Nikki

Herbal/eco shop – Har has beautiful organic veggies from his organic gardens in Ubud, Bali – organic wellness product, Australia – well made herbal tinctures and liqueurs, Coolepardo, Italy – a cooperative of organic farmers in Sicily, here you can find wonderful organic oranges, lemons and many other products…and they ll send you your order home. – organic food at your door, Italy.



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Moringa oleifera
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