Neem – Azadiratcha indica

Azadiratcha indica; Eng: Neem; Indo: Nim; Ita/Swe: Neem; Nigieria:Dongoyaro
Family: Miliaceae

Beauty Benefits Of Dongoyaro (Neem) | Kamdora

Habitat: It is a tree and it grows in Asia, Africa, Asia, America, and a few in the Mediterreanean region.

Part used: Leaves, fruits/seeds, bark, twigs.

Constituents: Azadirachitin, gedunin, nimbin, nimbidin, nimbinene desacetylnimbinase, nimbandial, nimbolide and quercentin

Actions: Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-parassitic, hypoglycemic.

Medical uses: Neem is antiseptic, anti bacterial, antiparassitic and antiviral. It is used for skin condition such as psoriasis and eczema. It is used on wounds or insect bites for fast healing.In India it is traditionally used for diabetes, to lower bloodsugars. It is also a sperimicid, the oil is used as male contraceptive. Neem twig are used as a toothbrush to protect teeth decay

Cautions: Do not use in pregnancy.



by Phytoart, Xilef Welner


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