Orthosiphon stamineus – Cat’s Whiskers

Orthosiphon stamineus ; Eng: Cat’s Whiskers; Indo: Kumis Kucing
Family: Lamiacea






: South east Asia and Australia’s tropical North Queensland. It is a perennial bush, that grows 1-2 m tall. It has white cat whiskers like flowers.

Part used: Leaf, flower, stem, root.

Actions: anti inflammatory, cleansing, diuretic.

Medicinal uses: In Indonesia Kumis kucing is used for any kidney and urinary tract condition, eg kidney stones, kidney and urinary tract infections. Also for diabetes, gout and rheumatism.

: 1 spoon of dry or fresh herb to 1 cup of water, 2-(8 in Bali) times a day. 1 -3 ml tincture 2 times a day in water.


by Xilef Welner






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