Hippobroma (Laurentia) longiflora – Star of Bethlehem

Hippobroma (Laurentia) longiflora; Eng: White Star of Bethlehem; Indo: Ki Tolof
Family: Campanulaceae







Habitat: Tropical regions , Asia. Found along drains and rice paddies. Average height: 30- 36.8 cm.

Part used: Leaves and flowers.

Constituents:  Lobelin, lobelamin, isotomin, saponin, flavonoid and poliferol.

Actions: Anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic, anti-cancer, irritant.

Uses: Medicinal uses: The use of this plant should be avoided and/or only used by an experienced healer or professional practitioner as it can cause irritations and be harmful (see cautions). It has been used for diarrhea, eye problems, toothaches, asthma, epilepsy, wounds etc.

Cautions: It contains a toxic alkaloid that can paralyze the voluntary muscles and influence the heart and respiration.



by Xilef Welner






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