Valle del MeleTao

Valle del MeleTao in the Apennines in the Monti Simbruini Natural Park in Italy..

Valle del MeleTao is our land, it is a paradisaical place with a river, with clear pure mountain water springs, and full of biodiversity. I harvest herbs, such as Valerian, Yarrow,Vervain, Slone berries, Walnuts, Burdock, Mint, Soapwort, Dandelion, Mugwort, Gentian, Wild Thyme, Oregano, St John’s wort, Juniper, Hazelnuts, Angelica, Horsetail, Malva, Wild Fennel, Plantain, Lemon balm, and much more… I have also planted some Lavender, Stevia, Raspberry, Marshmallow, Hyssop, Sage, Calendula, and more….
We had friends and WOOFers helping out, and we had workshops … it has all been magical.
There are 5 old stone buildings to be renovated, and a little small wooden house.
Our project is to make more medicinal plant gardens, workshops, seminars, health retreats and a herbal lab etc.

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