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Digest Tea – this blend helps the digestion process.
Detox Tea – cleansing our body, our blood our soul….rich in mineralizing and tonic herbs.
Free Mind Tea – release your mind from thoughts.
Saraswati Tea – lifts up the spirit and promotes creativity.
Amo Tea – this aphrodisiac blend brings on a deep relaxing sensuality.
MeleTao Tea – a cuddle tea blend
Lullaby Tea – takes you gently to the land of sweet dreams.
Red Moon Tea – balances the womb and the delicate and powerful mechanism of the woman’s moon-cycle.
Birth Blues Tea – prepares for birth, lifts up the spirit and swipes away fears…soothes the womb and the emotions after  birth.
Milky Way Tea – promotes and supports breastfeeding flow.


Relaxing herbal teas, uplifting herbal teas, digestive herbal teas, refreshing herbal teas, cleansing herbal teas and more

Tailor made herbal tea mixture according to your state of mind, mood and physical needs…..

by Phytoart, Xilef Welner


The information provided by Phytoart by Xi – MeleTao on this website and via other social media channels is for personal information and interest only. It is not intended to offer treatment for any condition.

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