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The body reflects the attitudes of the mind. Improve the function of the body and you must improve the state of the mind. The movements are nothing.  What I’m after isn’t flexible bodies, but flexible brains. What I’m after is to restore each person to his human dignity. Moshe Feldenkrais





A simple, nice and practical way to discover ourselves through our body movements. Feldenkrais brings awareness of your body’s mobility patterns and habits and guides you to re-learn and adapt to more adequate and balanced ones. It strengthen our body, making our spine more flexible, giving us the freedom and ability for action. It is a delicate but efficient practice that helps to relieve pains and aches of postural origin, of chronic conditions or just for whom wants to enjoy the body in a harmonious way. It is suitable for whom sits long hours working on the computer, dancers, therapists, athletics.
There are group lessons or individual sessions.

Our MeleTao association organize workshops and sessions with the qualified Feldenkrais practitioner Emilia Koffler.

Feldenkrais classes with Emilia Koffler:

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