Herb conservation







Dried herbs
When you harvest your herbs you can put them in paper bags to dry, or cotton bags, this way you prevent the herbs from getting dusty and you ll preserve the plants essential oils.
You can also use frames with cotton textiles and lay the herbs to dry.
You can hang the bunch of herbs upside down on the wall or hanging by the roof…it looks nice but the herbs can become dusty.
You can also dry them in the oven, that is a quick way if you are in hurry….the heat should not exceed 35° C.

You can keep the dried herbs in dark jars, or in transparent jars kept in the dark…or in airtight boxes.

You can preserve herbs by preparing syrups, jams, tinctures or infused oils, these have been ways to keep the summer all through winter time…

by Phytoart, Xilef Welner

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