These soaps are handmade with natural high quality raw materials such asĀ  virgin olive oil, almond oil, wheat germ oil, or sun flower oil, herbs harvest from uncontaminated fields and pure essential oils.
Made for delicate skin, dry skin, rough skin or oily skin.. Click here to visit the SHOP

Chamomile soap (for delicate skin)
Rose soap (relaxing and uplifting)
Lavender soap (regenerating and relaxing, antiseptic)
Marigold soap (for delicate skin and irritations)
Honey soap (rich and soft)
Clay soap (deep cleansing)
Rice soap (soft and delicate)
Teatree and lemon soap (for oily skin)
Nettle soap (for dry and oily skin)
Cinnamon and orange blossom soap (circulatory and warming)
Juniper and poppy soap (peeling and cleansing)
Nut soap (rich for dry skin)
Love soap (re balancing and aphrodisiac)
Mint and sage soap (for tired legs and feet)


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