Pogostemon cablin – Patchouli

Pogostemon cablin; Eng: Patchouli; Indo: Daun Dilem
Family: Lamiaceae







Habitat: The plant is native to tropical regions of Asia, it grows also in Africa. It likes hot, humid tropical climates, but it doesn’t like direct sun light. It has pale pink-white seed producing fragrant flowers. The plants grows about 0.75 m in height. It is grows in herb bushes.

Part used: Leaves and flowers. Essential oil.

Constituents: Coerulein, cadinene, stearoptene.Volatile oil: b-patchoulene, a-guaiene, caryophyllene, a-patchoulene, seychellene, a-bulnesene, norpatchoulenol, patchouli alcohol and pogostol.

Actions: anti-depressant, aromatic, antiseptic, repellant, relaxant, anti-inflammatory, febrifuge, diuretic, aphrodisiac.

Medicinal uses: It is used to reduce fever. It is used as diuretic and anti-inflammatory, hence it is useful for cellulite and water retentions. It is used for the skin, for wounds, and to reduce eczema and acne. It is used in case of constipation. And it helps to reduce appetite, and support weight loss. Patchouli is mostly used as oil, aromatherapy. It balances mood, and reduces anxiety. It also stimulates the pituitary gland to secrete endorphins, that relieve pain and induce well being and sexual feelings.
Other uses: It is used as hair wash, incense and insect repellent. It bears the symbol of peace.

Energy Quality Aspects:
Ruled by the sun and thus Leo fire element, with solid quality.
The element quality is neutral in terms of both temperature and humidity.
Chinese elements: Earth.

Dosage: 1-6 drops of essential oil to 30ml of base oil (almond, olive, sesame etc.).

By Xilef Welner






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